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Combo Wheels: 63mm Platter Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The Platter is an extremely versatile wheel. Poured in the same urethane as the Blender and Mixer, this wheel is fast and has a very consistent slide. We were looking to create a wheel with a bit more edge grip for hard carves and cruising but still easy to slash on a hill. With the premium urethane and square lip shape these goals were achieved in a compact 63mm size. Grab a set of Platters and get to rippin!


Wheel Height: 63mm

Wheel Width: 45mm

Contact Patch: 43mm

Core: Offset

Lip Profile: Square


Formula: Cascadia

Origin: USA

Durometer: 81a


-High Rebound

-Quick Acceleration

-Consistent and Smooth release, slide and hookup