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Rogue: 160mm Cast Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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TRUCK IS SOLD AS SINGLE. Order 2 for a set.

Motion Note: Rogues have been killing the downhill truck market, featuring some of the premier racers in the world riding and backing their precision trucks. Now, their cast counterpart makes the Rogue feel affordable and more available for everyone! These trucks have the same geometry as the precision Rogues, and they utilize tall barrels and a bushing insert to maximize the bushing feel, and minimize extra hanger motion and slop. Being a tall barrel oriented truck, they have a flowy turning nature that is maneuverable, yet still super stable. If you need new downhill trucks and are on a budget, peep some Rogues! 

 Hanger Width Baseplate Angle Rake Features
160mm 48 degrees 

Red Venom 90a HPF Tall 0.75"

bushings and an insert bushing to help

maximize bushing setup.