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Cuei: 62mm Kick Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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We aint gunna lie to you. The Cuei Kick wheels are kinda nasty. Super sideset bearing seat makes this want to naturally slide easier than most other bearing locations in a wheel. The Narrow Contact patch, and large rounded lip profile means that this wheel will not get that square scratchy feeling until you are close to the core, maximizing the time that the wheel is in a prime drifting shape. The best part of this longboard skateboard wheel is that the shape is both usable on a double kick sized deck as a cruiser wheel with city slashing capacity, while being a heinously drifty option for longboard freeride and some tech sliding.

CUEI Description:
These wheels were developed following the successful design of the Sliders and Big Sliders, using the same strong flat-spot resistant formula, but with more durometer options resulting in smaller and lighter wheels with insane durability.
These wheels are substantially lighter than the Sliders and grants lots of fun with technical riding and tricks with double kickers and dancers.

Cuei Wheels Kick
78a, 83a, 85a Durometer
62mm diameter
38mm wide
21.5mm contact patch