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Cuei: 70mm Steeze Flow Thane Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The 70mm Cuei Steeze is a great offering for freeride purposes. It comes in two formulas, the Power Thane and the Flow thane. The Power thane comes in a 75a durometer to be soft but still grippy, and the Flow thane comes in at an 80a durometer, which allows the wheel to last longer even though it is a faster wearing, thane producing urethane.

Power Thane: The Power Thane is the Race Specific formula that Cuei offers. Described as incredibly resilient, this long lasting concoction boasts incredible roll speed due to the high rebound formula. Power Thane is known for an abundance of grip through-out the life of the wheel. This formula doesn't slide as smoothly as the Flow Thane, but it stops the skater much faster, and with less worry of flatspotting or ovalizations to the shape. A perfect Combination of features to aid in taking the fastest lines down the hill.

Flow Thane: The Flow Thane is a playful, freeride friendly formula that compliments the Power Thane great. Flow Thane is a smooth sliding, faster wearing iteration, which allows for an easier slide, deep thane lines, and a fluffy feel when feathering out fat slides. The Flow Thane does not stop as fast as the Power Thane, but it does feel amazing under the board, and is a perfect combination of playful properties while still delivering roll speed and predictability. 

Size - 70mm
Width - 46mm
Offset Bearing Seat
Stoneground Contact Patch
Supportive Core
Multiple Formulas