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DB: Coreflex Compound Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: The Compound features a brand new CoreFlex Technology construction from DB. This board was designed with cruising and freestyle in mind. The new Coreflex construction utilizes a bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass and high density material. Add a cambered profile and you are provided with an excellent flex profile! Db did not stop there with the new construction. They went ahead and added Urethane Blast Tips laminated into the deck to protect the kicktails from impact damage. If you dig a flexy carve and snappy turn, the Compound Coreflex is worth checking out! 

***Deck Only

Deck   Features
42" L, 9" W, 30" WB  Cool grip, playful flex, balling graphic, Urethane Blast Tips, Coreflex