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Eastside Longboards: Mach 3 Deck Only

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Eastside Longboards Description:

The Mach 3 is our “Skate Anything” model.  It’s categorized as a single-kick downhill with it’s killer fish-tail shaped kick-tail.  You can thoroughly attack ditches, banks, and any hill at speed with the Mach 3.  It’s named after its predecessors the Mach 1 and 2 models during the early years of Eastside Longboards.  This updated version carries the same spirit of versatility and speed but with many “Next Level” features.  The graphic is a play on Mach sound waves that refers to vessels traveling at the speed of sound.

The Mach 3 features carefully placed gas-pedals edges that gives the back foot lots more leverage for sliding and drifting. It can be ridden with a shorter stance for those who like to have their back foot on the gas-pedal edge or for hands down sliding.  Or it can be ridden with a wider stance with the back foot locked into the side scoop of the tail that gives more control for stand up sliding.  The Mach 3 has a deep elliptical concave featuring a low point of mellow rocker in the center for a more stable feel.

The 23″ wheelbase with longboard style trucks (RKP) is a perfect length for responsive downhill and freeriding.   The shorter 22″ wheelbase is designed for standard style trucks (TKP) for those who enjoy a more traditional skateboard type feel to their ride.  Super solid 8 ply construction is made from the highest quality longboard grade maple that can handle riders up to 300 pounds with no flex. Recommended wheels 65-75mm with loose trucks.



  • Kicktail shape with rear gas-pedals.
  • 1/4″ belly rocker with 5/8″ deep elliptical concave.
  • 8 Ply Maple Construction – Stiff for 300 lbs and below.
  • 22″ and 23″ Wheelbases with New School bolt pattern.
  • Accurate Wheel-wells for wheels up to 75mm with loose trucks.