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Foster: Resurrector V2 Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Resurrector V2 is our latest update to our micro drop concave. We decided to make everything a little bit smaller this time around. The deck’s standing platform has been shrunk around 3 inches to accommodate the smaller stances of modern riding. The drops come in at .25” and we have removed the rear W orb to free up mobility in the tighter standing platform. Pair all of this with mellow tub concave and this board is ready for anything you throw at it. Pick up the Resurrector V2 today and get to surfing your local hills!

The Resurrector is the brain child of multiple team riders.

Art work straight out of the head of the Chief.


Length: 34.5”(87.63cm)

Width at Belly: 9.4”(23.87cm)

Width at Trucks: 8.5”(21.59cm)

Wheelbase: 22-24”(55.88-60.96cm)