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Free Wheel Co: Free Bees Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The FREE BEES are our 58mm all terrain freeride and double kick wheel. Centerset with a double radiused profile means this little wheel can slip and slide through serious city streets, while still having the lightweight ability of a skateboard wheel.
We made the FREE BEE in a new shape to cater to all of the low wheel clearance boards. If you want easy slides in a small size this is the wheel. This has a very non-offemsive graphic which is rare for us.

Height - 58mm
Width - 22mm
Durometer - 79a
Formula - Platinum Formula
Bearing Seat - Centerset
Contact Patch - Stoneground

Grip - 2/10
Kick Out Resistance - 2/10
Speed Killing - 2/10
Hook Up Feel - 2/10