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Hawgs: 63mm Doozies Longboard Wheels

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The Doozies are 64mm wide and 63mm tall. They are the same height as the Fatty Hawgs, so you can use them on any board that fits Fatty Hawgs. A wide contact patch offers your wheel a better opportunity to absorb vibrations in the pavement, so these things will seriously smooth out your ride. It’s very easy to predict what these wheels are going to do next, so they give you a lot of confidence when riding. You can also use these wheels as a replacement for any 70mm or 72mm wheels and they will feel great. The wheel is center set, with a graphic on one side that is both debossed and embossed. You can put them on your board whatever way you want, and you can mix and match the different colorways for added pizzazz. Definitely a wheel worth trying and one that surely won’t disappoint.