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Landyachtz: Tug Boat Midnight Snek Longboard Skateboard Complete

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If you are looking for a mini longboard with more room under your feet, then the Landyacthz Tug boat Midnight Snek is the perfect board for you. With more girth than an average mini, it is constructed with 7 layers of Canadian Maple. The Midnight Snek measures in at 30" long and 9" inches wide. It is enough board to really push your limits on your daily commute. Larger riders looking for a more compact mini longboard skateboard would like the Tug Boat Series. The 9" Platform allows for larger shoe size.

The Tug boat Midnight Snek is the perfect board for hitting the streets - try an ollie or nose manual if you dare! The shape is perfect for street maneuvers. we like to take ours to drop off packages or to head to the deli across the street.

It's just so small that it's easy to carry around when you need to. The Landyachtz Tug boat Midnight Snek fits under your desk, in your locker, and inside a larger backpack.

This Pre-Assembled Complete is stock with black 155mm Polar Bear Trucks, stone-ground 60mm Lil' EZ Hawgs longboard skateboard wheels, and steel Bear Space Ball Bearings.