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Landyachtz: ATV CLASSIC FLOCK Complete

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A comfortable and confidence inspiring platform to push your street skate skills and learn new tricks. Pedro Oyarbide is the man behind the birds design. If you are a fan of birds, this board has lots of them. If you are a fan of kicktails, this board has two of them and they both have lots of pop. The symmetrical shape brings all the joy into shuvits, fakie, etc. A simple, tried and true shape to suit all of your street skate needs, with the ability to conquer all types of terrain. This puppy keeps you rolling smooth and surfing through those carves; she flies.

The ATV Classic is a 32″ long popsicle shape that comes in at 8.5″ wide. A little on the wider side, this board is pressed with 7 plies of high quality Canadian maple for a feeling that will give you lots of confidence over rough terrain and provide great pop & strength. The ATV Classic uses Polar Bear 155mm traditional kingpin trucks for the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability. 60mm, 78a Lil EZ’s provide a smooth ride for commutes and fantastic maneuverability. The Classic is just that, a classic popsicale shape to satisfy all of your street skate needs, while still being able to handle a hill and carve like a dream.

Length: 32
Width: 8.5
Wheelbase: 14.375

Artist: Pedro Oyarbide