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Loaded: Cantellated Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: The Loaded Tesseract has been reinvented into both the Truncated and Cantellated versions to suit different riding styles. The Cantellated is virtually the Tesseract a chopped nose and a little re-shaping. All in all, it's a topmount board with versatility and freeriding in mind. It features rocker, W concave and gas pedals. This gives you virtually every concave feature you could want to dig your feet into. The gas pedals lend themselves well to getting extra leverage over your board for fast, sharp turns you need to rail through. The W and rocker give you the pockets that are perfect for kicking out slides in every direction. The kicktail in the back is also integrated perfectly, that way when you see a hot chick you can bust out a fatty bluntside or some flip trick to make her ask for your number. For a great versatile setup, throw on some Atlas Trucks and 80a Orangatang Kilmers (also a shock-pad/ 1/8th inch riser to avoid wheelbite.)

**deck only 

Truncated Tesseract Board Specs

 Length Width Wheelbase Concave Features
36" 9.5" 24.5-26"

0.3" radial concave + 0.33" rocker+ W concave + gas pedals

Radial concave, rocker, vertically laminated bamboo core with triaxial fiberglass top and cork bottom layer.