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Loaded: Dervish Sama Longboard Skateboard Complete

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Motion Note: The Dervish Sama has been a tried and true freestyle board for years now. Flex, slight kicks, and a light construction give you an awesome board for flat-land tricks like shuvits and manuals. It also has concave and camber, making it solid for sliding and freeride as well. If none of that is what you like to do, this board is also tons of fun to just cruise to the store. There are three different flex's, so consult the chart below based on your weight and how much flex you would like. We recommend setting the Dervish up with Paris 180's and Orangatang In Heat Wheels for a fun and versatile freestyle setup.


Dervish Sama Deck
Paris 180mm 50° Trucks
Orangatang 75mm In Heat Wheels
Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings (w/integrated spacers)
Loaded Button Head Hardware


Length Width Wheelbase Concave Features
 42.8" 9" 31.25" Radial + camber

Symmetrical, nose and

kicktails, light construction


Flex 1 Flex 2 Flex 3
170-250+ lbs 100-185 lbs 75-150 lbs