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Loaded: FatTail 38" Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: The FatTail is Loaded's quiver killer. Its unique shape, combined with their standard flex and camber combo, creates an inviting ride for cruising, commuting, freestyle, and any urban combination of all three. The kicktail allows for any sort of trick you could want to do, while the lightweight construction makes them all easier to maneuver and navigate. This is one of Loaded's most versatile, and fun boards, no matter the rider! 

Length  Width Wheelbase Features
38" 8.63" 26.5-27.4"

Three flex options (1: up to 275 pounds

2: 125-215 pounds

3: 75-175 pounds

More intense concave, camber, comfy and 

snappy Loaded construction