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Loaded: Tan Tien Longboard Skateboard Complete

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Motion Note: The Tan Tien is virtually a smaller version of Loaded's already epic freestyle board the Dervish Sama. What this means is you have a compact and awesome board to throw around for flat-land tricks, sliding or just cruising to the store. The flex along with the kicktails make it great for manuals, big spins and any other tricks you throw at it. There's also camber and concave to keep your feet locked in when necessary. It comes in multiple flex options, so consult the chart below before choosing which flex is best for you. For a fun, playful, and responsive longboard set up, we recommend setting your Tan Tien up with Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks and Sector 9 Raceform Wheels.

Loaded Tan Tien Specs

 Length Width Wheelbase Concave Features
39" 8.75" 27" Radial + Camber

Kick tails, symmetrical, 

drop-through mounting


Loaded Tan Tien Flex Levels

 Flex 1 Flex 2 Flex 3
170-250+ lbs 130-210+ lbs 80-170 lbs