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No Reason: Slide Pucks

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The NO REASON Pucks are skater made and come from Montana.
These pucks feature a bevel all the way to the velcro which is perfect for downhill skating because the pucks will never end up with a square edge, and will always have a rounded edge towards the contact patch of the puck to keep them sliding smooth and as catch free as possible.
The pucks come with slightly differnt thickness and widths and we have listed them below.

Orange - 3-5/8" Wide    5/8" Thick

Blue -  3-5/8" Wide     7/8" Thick

White -  3-7/8" Tall    3-1/4" Wide     3/4" Thick

Black -  3-7/8" Tall    3" Widest Point    5/8" Thick

High quality UMHW with industrial grade velcro.

Comes with 2 Pucks in Each Order.