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Pantheon: Andy Atch Pro Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Andy Atch Pro is Pantheon’s take on a slalom style downhill board with a built in wedge. 

Length: 32”

Width: 8.5” front bolts, 8.25” rear bolts, 9.125” max width

Wheelbase 20-23”

Concave: Bowl nose to amplify board feel toward the front on the toe side, but mellows out toe be comfortable at the heel. Medium concave (More than the Mitty). What really makes this board special is the rear pocket created by the W-bubble concave right in the center of the tail crease. 3 mounting options in the back, and three in the front. We recommend setting up the rear first, to decide where you want the ball of the foot to fall in relation to the rear trucks. Some riders will want to be nearly on top of them and will use the inside mounting holes. Some will want a little more space. The ball of the foot falls in the tail crease right to the side of the W-bubble and the rest of the foot will lay back into the tail when in tuck. Plan your stance in the board around this space, and once you have your rear set up, you can set up the front in accordance with the size of your tuck and how close you want to be to the trucks, whether right on top or a little behind. This deck will feel immediately like home if you set it up around your stance in this way. Couple this deck with an 7-8 degree wedge riser in the back to get the board riding flat with no additional wedging. Front truck mounting features a 2-degree angled flush mount so trucks mount totally flat…but angled. 

Constructed alongside Andy Atchison. This is a true pro model deck, and Andy gets a piece of the action with sales. 

Construction: 8 Ply Canadian Maple Core, black dyed triaxial fiberglass top and bottom. Entire board is laminated with waterproof resin.