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Seismic: 60-Grit Lokton Longboard Griptape (3 Square Packs)

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Lokton Grip tape is essentially what Willis is talking about. This Griptape is without a doubt some of the grippiest longest lasting grip on the market. Lokton Griptape is made by Seismic, which is known for putting in the maximum effort and only releasing products that are bringing something extra to the market. Lokton comes in a number of different patterns, for your aesthetic needs. 

Shreditor's Note: When Applying Lokton Grip to your board make sure to do the following:
1. Apply grip to a clean surface.
2. Heat the PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) with a hairdryer or heat gun before applying for best adhesive results.
3. Apply pressure to every part of the griptape covering the board. 
4. Cut from Top down without rasping to maximize Grit longevity!