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Seismic: 62mm 3dm Cambria Longboard Wheels

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The 3DM Cambria wheel is a great all around cruiser wheel - Its 62mm size is great for a mini longboard. You get the same amazing rebound and speed performance of that of a much larger wheel.

The conical shape of the 3DM Cambria allow great turning without losing momentum. This means that you can feel confident while blowing through busy crowds of people (not recommended).

For being a small wheel, these wheels have a great roll speed and will keep your commute fun and sweet! Set these up on your mini and attack the town!


Great for all-purpose longboarding and cruising, and among the world's best wheels for tight slalom. Perfect for when you want speed and grip but don't need to go big and burly. When nothing else will stick, the Cambria will tame the asphalt.