Seismic: 72mm Tantrums Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The 72mm Seismic Tantrums are a 1 of a kind freeride wheel because they come with a proprietary core, and 2 proprietary urethanes. Let's start with the shape first, and then move onto the different urethanes. Seismic set out to make a performance freeride wheel that could be used for stand up slides and controlled predictable drifts. Built around the EC-Hub this wheel is light-weight and responsive, making it very intuitive while sliding, and quick rolling in between drifts. The EC-Hub saves weight, minimizes urethane flex and distortion, while optimizing roll speed and response. This wheel is 33mm wide with rounded lips that eventually reach an overall width of 45mm, providing the sensible blend between traction and scrubbiness that would be expected of a wheel designed for freeriding. The contact patch comes unbroken, because Seismic maintains the appeal to the performance rider who wants to break in their own wheels, or use them for other disciplines.

The 72mm Tantrum comes in 2 formulas, the Elixir, and the Black-Ops formulas. Elixir is a thaney, slide focused urethane that comes in 2 durometers: 78a (yellow) and 81 (green). Choose the Elixir formula if you are focused on holding out controlled standup slides, or freeriding corners. The Black-Ops formula is a more performance based concoction that caters to faster riding, with more resistance in the slide, and a more technical downhill application for tight corners and reliable grip. Black-Ops come in an 80a (blue) durometer and should be used if you are looking for slower wearing wheel that can provide more grip, and quick roll speed.

 Size Durometers Width Bearing Seat
72mm 78a, 81a (Elixir) & 80a (Black-Ops) 45mm Center-set

*Wheels are sold in a set of 4.