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Seismic: Profiled Steel Bearing Spacers

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Tekton™ Precision-Profiled XT™ Steel Spacers
Premium 0.400-inch steel bearing spacers.

Machined from premium bearing steel and given advanced heat treatment, Tekton Precision-Profiled XT (Extra-Tough) Steel Spacers have extra-wide ends that square up against classic (non-built-in) bearings with nearly 60% more surface contact – aligning the bearings far more stably than traditional thin-tube spacers formed of much softer iron or aluminum (which can actually compress and deform under the stresses of modern downhill and freeriding).

The resulting optimized alignment means:
– Improved speed & acceleration
– More consistent wheel contact & grip while cornering
– More predictable slide release & hookup
– Longer wheel & bearing life