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Venom Curb Stomper Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Venom's white urethane has been tried and true in both their Cannibals and Tweakers. So when they decide to make a new wheel with this thane, the longboarding community ought to be stoked! Especially, when that wheel is the new Curb Stompers. Coming in at 61mm tall, centerset and with a 29mm contact patch, you already know what they made this for. The size and shape allows it to freeride like none another, while holding it down for big double kicks and topmounts that are susceptible to wheelbite. The 82a will be your wheels to butter through everything. The 90a give you more options to smang parks, tech-slide and have less control when doing spinny tricks. 

 Height Contact Patch Durometer Bearing Mounting
61mm 29mm 82 or 90a Centerset