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Venom (THE REAL) Hard In The Paint 72mm Cannibal Cobra Core Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Venom took their trusted 72mm Cannibal shape and gave it the driftiest urethane (HITP 'thane) they could come up with, resulting in awesome fast-freeride wheel. These wheels poop thane. Expect to leave the road covered in white thane lines after riding them, while still maintaining the ability to have a good hookup for freeride wheels. 

The Hard in the Paint series wheels are stone-ground for smooth slides right out of the box.

COBRA CORE! More support means quicker roll speed, more even wear and better hook-ups. 
Cobra Core Features
-Fiberglass Reinforced
-12x Stiffer
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
-Many Swags

 Height Durometer Contact Patch Bearing Mounting
72mm 80a 60mm Slightly Offset