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Zenit: Draft Longboard Deck

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The only Draft you need

Built for speed, the Draft will have you out in front of everybody, no slip stream required. A 10 degree wedge in the front and -13 wedge in the back optimize your truck angles for high speed stability, and its 22"long and wide 9.75” double drop platform with pockets provides an abundance of traction for any kind of slide or scrub you need to perform.

A unidirectional carbon fiber cross at the front of the board gets rid of any chance of torsion from leaning your weight over the front of the board, and an additional stringer running the length of the board adds even more rigidity to the deck. This strong, composite construction, as well as the boards’ thick necks, means that we don’t need more than 7 plys of Canadian maple to make the board stiff enough for 100km/h+ speeds. Plus, slight wheel wells have adapted the board to allow for much bigger downhill wheels.