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Zenit: Mini Rocket 33 Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Mini Rocket is a narrow version of our Rocket V3. It’s pressed in the same mold so you can still enjoy the same pronounced flairs and the deep concave from the Rocket V3. Mixed with the aerodynamic shape, it's a true downhill performance deck.

The narrow platform makes it agile and light for precise downhill and freeride maneuvers. It’s very easy to go from the heel side to the toe side of the deck without having to adjust your feet too much.

Set it up with small trucks and DH wheels for maximum grip or with freeride wheels for a lot of fun. You can also adjust the wheelbase for more or less stability at high speeds.


DH : 10 / 10

Freeride : 10 / 10

Racing : 11 / 10

Weight : 3.5 lbs