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We recently held the BIG FISH Championship. The Big Fish Championship is a weekend long event that features racing on multiple bike paths around Seattle.

There are 4 races total, but only 1 overall champion. 2 races on a Saturday, and 2 races on a Sunday, which means that there are 4 podiums, 1 for each race. We then use the standings of the previous podiums to calculate the overall champion and crown a BIG FISH Champion.

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The recap video below was produced by Kyle Martin, owner of Stay Stoked Skate Company, as well as the producer of the Motion Boardshop Podcast.

Our First Race on Saturday was at the BPA Trail near Des Moines, WA. This is a grip and rip path with no sliding and is complete drag race. Who can stay in their tuck through some sweeping corners is most likely going to make it to Finals. Typically we run 3 person heats until we widdled down the field to the composed, and then we make them earn the wins by winning 4 and 5 man heats.

When it was all said and done, it was no surprise to anyone to see that SIMON Snethen had won. Simon has won this race many times before, and embodies all that it takes to win this hill.

Podium of the BPA Race:
1st - Simon Snethen
2nd - Garett Belanger
3rd - Kyle Connelly
4th - Rain Daley

After the BPA race we head over to Mathison Park "Math Path" for the second race of Saturday. Math Path has much tighter corners that will have you on the edge of gripping and slipping. This race is slower then BPA, but is a little more technical and passing is very difficult because of this, so winning the push is often a big head-start to winning the heats, but the racing here is super tight due to the tight corners at near gripping speeds.

After the sun set and the smoke cleared, Devon Dotson was the winner. Devon was light on his feet, and was able to grip most of the corners on his drop-deck. Devon had to beat out his room-mate Landon to take first, which made their drive home awkward, but oh well!

Podium of the Math Path Race:
1st - Devon Dotson
2nd - Landon Jackson
3rd - Rain Daley

Sunday morning started out in true Seattle fashion with a little wetness from above that persisted throughout the day. Thats right, it rained in Seattle. Our first race was at the Sammamish Switchbacks or "SamBacks" as we call it. The Sambacks are slow and have 8 hairpins that require some speed management, especially when it is wet. This race is typically won by the skater who can keep the most speed out of the sharp hairpins, which was especially true in the wet.

After a splish splash apple bath sort of round of racing our homegrown legend Rain Daley, won. Yes that is his god given name, and yes he won the race in the rain... we cant make this stuff up. 

Podium of SAMBACKS Race:
1st - Rain Daley
2nd - Devon Dotson
3rd - Landon Jackson
4th - Sandor Voros

Our last race on Sunday was at SlugWars. Slugwars is the iconic Seattle bike-path that features 7 drift worthy corners of varying speed and difficulty. The Seattle skaters are most familiar with this path and it is the most challenging path of all that we raced. Racing was hot and slippery and we saw the most amount of passing going down at this race, as all of the competitors were chasing points that would be used to calculate the overall BIG FISH Champion.

After some incredibly close racing and some of the best passes and crashes we have seen, the 'GreaseTrap' Garett Belanger came away with the win, by taking silky smooth lines, hitting consistent double drifts, and always sticking the line and keeping his eyes on the prize.

Podium of the Slugwars Race:
1st - Garett Belanger
2nd - Landon Jackson
3rd - Devon Dotson
4th - Sandor Voros
5th - Rain Daley

When it was all said and done there was only one thing left to do, which was tabulate all of the barckets and finals and determine who had won the overall BIG FISH CHAMPIONSHIP.

2nd - Garett Belanger & Devon Dotson
4th - Simon Snethen
5th - Landon Jackson

Thank you to everyone who turned up and turned out. The race would not have been possible without everyone who attended.

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